Int'l coalition asserts on its commitment to permanently defeat IS

Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) , Tue, Feb 13, 2018

KUWAIT, Feb 13 (KUNA) -- Anti-IS international coalition is keen to be accommodating and resilient against the evitable threat of the so-called Islamic State, foreign minister of the coalition announced here Tuesday.

This came in the final statement of the International Coalition against the so-called Islamic State (IS), which kicked off earlier today.

The meeting is held in parallel with Kuwait International Conference for the Reconstruction of Iraq (KICRI).

In their statement, the coalition asserted they must remain vigilant through regional anti-terrorism multi-party institutions and continue to develop along with the nature of threats and to concentrate on IS and its networks, branches, in addition to continue coordinating in an orderly fashion to know best how to respond to threats.

The coalition asserted on maintaining their military commitment in Iraq and Syria and to continue under the central command in Tampa, including support efforts in the region to maintain its security and stability in the liberated areas, and help maintain achievements made so far.

The coalition will work on bolstering their win against IS, and prohibit its comeback through supporting reforms agreed upon in the political and security fields, and through security council resolution (2254).

The statement also shed light on IS deteriorating situation in the past three and half years due to efforts by the coalition, forcing IS to lose grounds in Iraq, and parts of Syria, including mounting pressure on IS commanders and leaders in the internet, which remain present.

The statement also highlighted the coalition methods in its war against IS, which consist of four basic principles.

The first the coalition works to find a mechanism to recruit and coordinate that allows ecological, diplomatic, and military system against terrorism and based on principals of international law, and UN charter, and security council resolution.

Second, the coalition called for working with countries, partners and friends to continue efforts in combating IS, noting the voluntary membership to the coalition remain as is, including contributions to each member country of the coalition.

Third, is the need to sustain cooperation and unity in the coalition against IS, and to confront threats related to this organization on a global scale.

Fourth, the coalition pointed out that the core basic method of cooperation among coalition members lies in the coalition's working group, especially the group in charge of combating IS finances and disrupts its finance sources.

The statement added that working group would use its cooperation with similar-minded multilateral organizations and encourage members to take more concrete action against IS funding.

The statement noted that the working group will work on stabilization as a central role in coordinating and supporting international stability efforts in Iraq and Syria, adding that the return of displaced people is a key issue that support the defeat of IS.

The statement said during the current year, the group will work to stabilize Iraq and assist the Iraqi government's efforts to secure significant military gains against IS, and prevent new violence in liberated areas by supporting the transition from stability to sustainable reconstruction.

The group will also train police by strengthening its focus and support to the Iraqi government's efforts, and to rebuild Iraqi federal police and create a civilian police force that represents and enjoys the confidence of all citizens of Iraq and Syria, the group will coordinate and support stabilization efforts to strengthen credible, Security Council resolution (2254).

Earlier, a ministerial meeting for the International Coalition against IS kicked off with broad international participation represented by the presence of 74 members and international organizations and organizations supporting the coalition. (end)