Kuwaiti FM and U.S. Secretary of State led the fifth U.S.-Kuwait Strategic Dialogue

Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) , Thu, Jan 27, 2022

WASHINGTON, Jan 26 (KUNA) -- Kuwaiti Foreign Minister and Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs Sheikh Dr. Ahmad Nasser Al-Mohammad Al-Sabah said on Wednesday the partnership with the United States has strengthened since the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait.

Addressing US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Sheikh Dr. Ahmad said, "My visit (to the US) comes after your visit to Kuwait at the end of last June and only a couple of days prior to the memory of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait." "It showcases the strength of our both relationship and the commitment that United States has shown again and again to the security and stability of Kuwait and in the region," he said.

Sheikh Dr. Ahmad made the comments in a joint statement with Blinken at the end of the Fifth Kuwait-US Strategic Dialogue co-chaired by both men.

On the Kuwaiti-US partnership, he said, "We are solid partners, great friends, and we are so appreciative of this historically strong partnership and we are greatly appreciative of your effort in maintaining peace and security in the region." "We have been partners throughout the three decades since the liberation of Kuwait and lots of hardships," he stated.

"We are partners in combating terrorism after 9/11. We were partners as well with the liberation of Kuwait.

"And lastly, last year, with the safe transitory corridors for all of Afghans in need, US citizens and residents and to have a safe passage through Kuwait, along with the biggest operation of its kind and we are proud to be part of that," Sheikh Dr. Ahmad pointed out.

Regarding the security cooperation, he said, "We value the US continuous commitment to the security of Kuwait and the stability of the region." "And it really exhibits a true friendship. That is ironclad alliance, which was forged first by blood and treasured at a very critical point in history," he stressed.

"This year, we commemorate the 31 anniversary of the liberation of Kuwait that was led by United States and also celebrate the 65th anniversary of our diplomatic relationship.

"This meeting is the conclusion of our fifth Strategic Dialogue. Since the creation of the dialogue. It has moved in a very great pace that really reflects the strong aspiration of our leadership and our people.

"We are looking forward for the next meeting for the sixth round to host you in Kuwait for that," he went on.

"Let me just say thank you for your friendship again and for this partnership.

"And we will continue to exchange views to cement the partnership through government institution, private sector and people to people.

"I would welcome you for the sixth round of dialogue in Kuwait," Sheikh Dr. Ahmad added.

For his part, Secretary Blinken said the United States and Kuwait signed a memorandum of understanding to prevent, to detect to prepare for outbreaks caused by dangerous pathogens.

"Under this partnership, Kuwait's Ministry of Health and the United States will share technical information and best practices on disease surveillance," he revealed.

"We'll meet regularly along with other participating GCC countries to share this knowledge more widely in the region. So that collectively we're better prepared to respond to future pandemics.

"These efforts build on the work our countries are already doing to stop this pandemic. And I want to thank Kuwait again for the vital role that it's been playing in the COVID-19 response," Secretary Blinken pointed out.

On the defense cooperation, he said, "This level of collaboration between our countries is possible only because of the strong bonds that had been built together over the decades forged in war, strengthened in peace we have strong defense ties. Kuwait has long hosted US forces." "Our militaries work together in many ways, including by conducting exercises and training together," he noted.

Dealing with the economic relations, he said, "We have strong economic ties our bilateral trade relationship now amounts to more than $4.5 billion a year." "And we hope that figure will grow even more in the years ahead, as we find new opportunities to work together in areas like sustainable infrastructure, and renewable energy.

"And finally, the beating heart of the relationship is our people to people ties, nearly 10,000 Kuwaitis choose to study in the US or universities English language Institute's every single year. "Thousands of other Kuwaitis and people acquire the descent, live in the United States, and 10s of 1000s of Americans live in Kuwait," Secretary Blinken said, noting, "Cultural educational ties are invaluable to us. And I know to the people of Kuwait as well." "Since the liberation of Kuwait, the friendship between the United States has only grown stronger," he added. (end) rsr.gb