Kuwaitis urged to cooperate with US airports' officials asking access to personal devices

Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) , Fri, Sep 2, 2016

Kuwait Embassy in Washington Friday urged citizens, specially students, wishing to visit the US to cooperate fully with the airport officials who might request access to personal laptops or mobile phones.

American airports' authorities "might in some cases request access to content of mobile phones or smart devices of the citizens and students," the embassy said in a statement, sent to KUNA in Kuwait.

Therefore, it added, the embassy urged the citizens to check contents of their mobile phones or laptops before traveling to the US "and to make sure those devices do not include materials or photos with extremist nature, or related to conflicts or terrorist groups, or include forms of violent clips." This is meant to prevent measures that might be taken against them which might include interrogation and could also cause cancellation of the entry visa thus banning them from entering the US.

The embassy hoped the citizens complied with the regulations and measures conducted by the American airports' authorities.

It urged Kuwaiti citizens to contact the diplomatic missions in urgent cases on following phone numbers:
Embassy in Washington D.C.: +1 (202) 262-0758
Consulate General in Los Angeles: +1 (310) 279-3644
Health Office in Washington D.C.: +1(202) 320-2415
Cultural Office in Washington D.C.: +1(202) 364-2104.